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Creating antimicrobial solutions for a healthier tomorrow

We create antimicrobial materials and hygiene concepts tailored to your needs. 

The enemy that can't be seen 

We strive to reduce the risk of infections caused by microbes by providing antimicrobial and antiviral products and solutions that improve the quality of life and protect humans from contaminated surfaces.

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Ensure product longevity by preventing and eliminating biofilm

Microbes and bacteria attached to surfaces form biofilms that can damage the material. Our technology protects your product, making it more sustainable.

Ensure your company's hygiene is up to date

Our antimicrobial solutions can be retrofitted to your current equipment and products to protect end-users from infections.

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Add these benefits to your products


Add antimicrobial properties

A potent antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal active ingredient that reduces the formation of biofilms.


Reduction of bacterial odor

Make sure your products and surfaces are free of mould and bacteria to prevent bad smells.


Increased material durability

Ensures plastic parts are less susceptible to microbe growth, enabling them to last longer.


Without toxic chemicals

In addition to being non-toxic, our antimicrobial additives can also be customized to meet specific needs.

Redefine hygiene with a mixture made just for you

80% of infectious diseases are spread through contact with contaminated surfaces. We provide end-user protection through the customization of certified antimicrobial technology.


The science behind our antimicrobial technology

Frequently touched surfaces are contaminated with bacteria, viruses and fungi. CuConcepts technology inactivates and destroys 99.9% of these microbes with natural processes.

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Impact of antimicrobial solutions in the world

Plastics, coatings, and fabrics are protected as well as improved by our solutions. Examples include healthcare, packaging, sanitary applications and more.

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Customized self-sanitizing solutions for your needs

Together with our developers and planners, we create the ideal concepts down to the very last detail and provide you with guidance throughout every step.

3D filament for your own antimicrobial solutions

Get your antimicrobial masterbatch or filament for additive manufactured products that need antimicrobial properties. Ensure your next project is resilient to microbes for many years to come. 

Integrating our antimicrobial solutions is simple 


1. Get in touch 

Upon request, we will provide you with information about protecting your product against microbes.

We will find a tailored solution for you, based on your requirements.


2. Consultation

We will ensure that our antimicrobial technology is compatible with your materials and manufacturing processes, allowing us to provide you with the best solution. Think of us as your innovation partner. 


3. Development

Once we have identified the optimal concept for you, our team will take care of the development, design, testing and manufacturing processes. 


4. Content

To communicate the antimicrobial solutions to your employees and clients, we can consult you on relevant communication content and materials. 

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Answers to questions you have about our solutions

How much value does it provide me? How can I use it? There may be many questions you have about our solution and it's high time to discover the answers.

Our partners

Contact us to find a solution for your needs

Send us an email at or fill in the contact form below.

Let's innovate your product with antimicrobial properties!

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