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"If anything kills 10 million people in the next few decades, its most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war"- Bill Gates (2015)

CuConcepts is on a mission to battle the silent pandemic of antimicrobial resistance.

Our journey





Foundation stone laid

In 2017, Dennis Gerdts, then a mechatronics student, developed the first prototype. Copper is chosen as the essential base element. Due to the antimicrobial property of copper, viruses, bacteria, germs and fungi cannot survive on the surface. This effect was already known to the ancient Egyptians, but has been forgotten since the invention of penicillin. The focus must no longer be only on treating an infection, but above all on preventing it.

The name CuCase is born

In summer 2018, Marco Juelke and Dennis Gerdts join forces as a team. The first prototypes are created and the first partnerships are formed. The name CuCase is born. The Cu stands for copper in the periodic table of the elements and is considered an essential symbol for our antimicrobial products. CuCase is the first phone case that protects you and your phone case.

CuConcepts is founded

At the beginning of 2020, the company CuConcepts is founded by Dennis Gerdts, Marco Juelke and Anton Dobler. The name CuCase is entered in the trademark register.

Beyond the CuCase

R&D on antimicrobial additive technologies shifts to an industrial focus. New product development includes antimicrobial adhesive films and antimicrobial polymers. CuConcepts strives to become a key innovation partner for the manufacturing industry. 

Our partners

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