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Podcast: Engineering materials to fight infectious diseases

Liste to our CEO Melina Gerdts speak on the "It's a Material World Podcast" about how CuConcepts is battling the threat of infectious diseases with antimicrobial materials.

Click here ▶️ to learn more about:

✅ The limitations of antibiotics and the consequences, if solutions are not developed to address these limitation.

✅ The mechanism copper uses to attack microbes, and how it can be incorporated into other material systems where antimicrobial properties are needed.

✅ The history of humans treating infections, and how this history has inspired CuConcepts to create a new solution.

✅ How antimicrobial materials can improve the safety and longevity of the food.

✅ In the medical device industry specifically, why antimicrobial materials are needed and what are some interesting applications.

✅ Ways antimicrobial material solutions can be applied in public places to make them safer.

✅ What CuConcept is doing to be sustainable, and what challenges there are for improving their sustainability efforts.

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